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关于暑假的英语作文my summer holiday



A long summer vacation will soon be past, reviewing this summer, colorful, mix, wITh hard work, have a happy outcome, sightseeing, enjoy leisure... Really it is productive to harvest the results summarized as follows:

1. Getting to know a lot of xiangjiang safari park I have never seen the animals.

2. Back will be a lot of tang poetry.

3. Learned to origami.

4. Learned how to swim, do nothing to hard.

5. Read a lot of outside reading.

My biggest harvest is learned to play chess, chess is not difficult, the rules are simple, want to win each step must be careful, otherwise, will not win.

My summer vacation life is sunshine, a bright and happy. Do you like me?










Summer vacation began, I learn something good? Let me learn a musical instrument, learn the violin! Is the father of music on the violin, he is like a person, no hand brown is composed of three parts, respectively is neck and neck and body.

Must learn learn the piano, violin, left hand on your right shoulder, with right hand, jawbone and clavicle clamp harp, his right hand bows, must have the two 45 degree Angle. At first, I use the jaw and chin clip harp, how also can not clip, chin clip pain, tears in eye box, straight or not. In the father and mothers encouragement, I again stand up, flowers are to withstand wind and rain, why cant I? Try again! After I again practice, constant effort yields sure success. Jean was finally I clamped.

Slowly, Ill pull many music. But is not smooth, there is always noise. Practice, practice the noise away. As time past, I pull tune smoothly.

Summer vacation I not only learned to play the violin, also learned to do a thing cant give up, want to have patience and perseverance.

暑假生活开始了,我学点什么好呢?让我学一种乐器,就学小提琴吧!小提琴是音乐之父,他像一个棕色的无手人,由三大部分组成, 分别是琴头、琴脖、琴身。




关于暑假的英语作文my summer holiday

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My summer vacation life is like a painting, and it seems to have come to a fairyland, like a snow lotus on a snow mountain, from bud to full bloom, everything is perfect, this is a perfect summer vacation!


「MY SUMMER HOLIDAY英语作文」 | my summer holiday英语作文100字

This summer vacation, my parents and I came to Chengdu, Sichuan, which we have been longing for. I always want to look for the prosperity and beauty of Chengdu in the old days, to appreciate the unique style of the mountain city, to enjoy the memorable Qingcheng tea, to savor the spicy delicacy of Chengdu in Sichuan, to feel the profound Buddhist culture......


Jiuzhaigou, the most famous scenic spot in Chengdu, Sichuan, is of course the national AAAA scenic spot. The summer in Jiuzhaigou is really green, as if in a beautiful fairy tale world like a fairyland.


There are more than 140 Haizi scattered in Jiuzhaigou. Each Haizi has different shapes and colorful colors. Many Haizi have a fairy tale. These fairy tales also give Jiuzhaigou some mysterious color, and make tourists admire it.


It also seems to tell us that we need to show our strengths, have the courage to express ourselves and release our beauty.


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Last summer,I went to Hai Nan with my parents.San Ya was a good place to have fun.We played beach volleyball with other people.The weather was too hot but we really enjoyed it.Then we swimed in the water,there were many fish in it.And we went shopping .
We stayed there a week.And I feel very relaxed.
I cant foget it.

My Summer Holiday 的英语作文(100词)

my summer holiday:
It is a good time for everybody to relax in holidays.I of course do to. In every holiday,I always “work hard,have fun”——first, finishing all the homework and then having a small trip.
My favorite holiday activity is traveling and doing some sports.The reason of traveling is :traveling can open my eyes and let me feel comfortable.As for doing the sports,I only want to not be fat in a holiday.So I always do some sports such as playing badminton,running,wolking fast and so on.
In next holiday, I want to travel around the world to get to know the local customs and I can really enjoy the fascination of a foreign land!

my summer holiday英语作文六年级上册

暑假对于我们而言并你陌生,你的暑假是怎么过来的呢?下面是我给大家整理的my summer holiday英语作文六年级上册,供你参考!

my summer holiday英语作文六年级上册篇1

My Summer Holiday

This summer holiday I plan to go to the beach.I will go there with my parents and cousins.Well stay there for three days at the local hotel.The trip will be the most wonderful one that I have ever had.Because we will do a lot of things there,such as playing volleyball ,windsurfing ,having barbecue at night.Im really looking foward to it.

my summer holiday英语作文六年级上册篇2

Happy Summer Holidays

My summer vacation of this year was very enjoyable. I went to the countryside to spend my summer holidays. It is very beautiful there. There are green plants, clear rivers, lovely animals and kind people. I spent two weeks helping my grandfather do some farm work there. I wrote down what happened in my diary every day.

Besides that, I helped the children in the neighbourhood with their lessons. I helped them read English and improve their spoken English. Their parents thanked me for this.

my summer holiday英语作文六年级上册篇3

My best holioday

Last summer,i went to the beijing with my parents and my best friends.i went to visit the palace of museum,there was very beautiful and very big.then,i went shopping with my best friends,the clothes were very cool and cute,in the afternoon,i ate the lunch in the quanjude restaurant,the duck was very delicious.

I have a good time in beijing.